Virginia Pridefest 2017 huge success!

VA Pride 2017

The annual Richmond area celebration of LGBTQ pride has grown in epic proportions. Brown’s Island was filled with the young and old, information booths, food venders, entertainers, folks who want us to vote for them, kids, parents of kids, pets …. you name it and they were there by the thousands.

Through the generous support of AARP, Diversity Thrift was afforded a large tent to sell our wares and just about everything that was for sale was sold. Diversity Richmond and Iridian Gallery volunteers also staffed tents and were kept busy throughout the day and into the night.

Kudos to the VaPride board of directors for yet another hugely successful event. We can only imagine the amount of work that goes into such a celebratory festival. Bravo!

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Diversity Richmond partners with local organizations to address Charlottesville

Through the coordination of the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, Diversity Richmond is one of about 35 local organizations that are discussing ways to address racism in our communities. The meetings were called as a result of the recent violence in Charlottesville.

Participants include Virginia Council of Churches, St. Paul’s Baptist, Bon Secours Richmond Health System, Jewish Community Foundation, YWCA, YMCA and the American Civil War Museum. The most recent meeting where a myriad of ideas were discussed was hosted by Diversity Richmond.

The group is planning an event to be held in Richmond on or around September 16. While it is suspected that some people may be planning direct action on Monument Avenue, it was the consensus of the group that our event would be located elsewhere.

It was also hoped that September 16 would be a catalyst to engage people in much broader roles of programs focused on community, equality and justice.

“While the LGBT community was not directly targeted in Charlottesville, injustice is injustice,” stated Bill Harrison of Diversity Richmond. “We must unite to send unified messages and to take action to ensure that hate has no place in our society. I am very pleased that we were one of several LGBT organizations involved in these local actions. I think there will be many teachable moments for all of us.”

To make a tax deductible contribution, visit our donation page or mail checks to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23220. Since 1999, Diversity Richmond has contributed more than $955,000 to the local LGBTQ community. The organization also provides free meeting spaces for LGBTQ groups. Last year over 8,000 people used the facility for free.

Yall Means AllCharlottesville celebrates Pride

Charlottesville organizers are so excited about their upcoming Pride Festival on Sept. 16, and welcomes folks from the surrounding areas to join locals for an uplifting celebration. Get the schedule here.

Thank you, Donald Trump

So often the enemy works on our behalf. We’ve seen it lots of times. For those of us who remember Anita Bryant, we know that few in our community could have united us the way she did when she launched her anti-gay campaign in Dade County, Florida in 1977. Anita raised the country’s awareness of our plights and caused our movement to realize unprecedented growth and support.

Donald Trump is doing the same thing. His recent tweet in an attempt to change procedures regarding transgender military service somewhat backfired. Support seems limited.

The enemy keeps the fires burning in our bellies. They remind us that it is dangerous to take rights and progress for granted. While they attempt to degrade us, they actually strengthen our forces as they anger people enough to take stands, donate money and raise voices.

We have come so very far and that progress will not be overturned, but we must be vigilant and not lose sight of the efforts that got us this far.

Your financial contributions to Diversity Richmond allow us to fight every day for justice.

Thank you for being there.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

To make a tax deductible contribution, visit our donation page or mail checks to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23220. Since 1999, Diversity Richmond has contributed more than $955,000 to the local LGBTQ community. The organization also provides free meeting spaces for LGBTQ groups. Last year over 8,000 people used the facility for free.

Anita Bryant pie in face

Remembering Anita Bryant

We mentioned Anita Bryant in our lead article so for those of you who are not familiar with her, click on the Wikipedia link below to read her story. The photograph was taken following Ms. Bryant being hit in the face with a fruit pie that was tossed by a gay man. We don’t endorse such actions, but could not help but include the picture.

About Anita Bryant

Big party planned and you are invited!

My letter usually talks about challenges that our community faces or an accomplishment we are enjoying. This time is all happy and all good. We’re having a party and hope you can be there.

Our annual “All Americans” on Friday, July 28 is bigger and better than ever. Four food trucks, three full bars, karaoke (with $500 in cash prizes,) a photo booth and lots of gayness and merriment are on the menu that is all about "community unity." And talent has absolutely nothing to do with winning the big karaoke cash as everyone who sings gets their name in the drawing.

Thank you to SunTrust for sponsoring the event. Thanks also to Genworth for sponsoring the karaoke contest; Karaoke with Jason and Friends for donating karaoke services; AARP for making the photo booth possible and Mongrel for the donation of a $100 door prize.

See you soon, rain or shine!

Bill Harrison

We were fierce, we were beautiful!

Richmonders traveled to D.C. Equality March

On Sunday, June 11, two buses filled with locals traveled to Washington, D.C. to send messages of unity, build community and demand equal justice for LGBTQ Americans.
“It was very exciting,” shared Diversity Board Chair, Art Toth. “It was empowering. You know you are not alone when you see so many of your brothers and sisters rally together. There were many young people there, which gives us all so much hope. We have lots to celebrate and as we know, there is still much to be done. I hope the energy we felt in D.C. will continue here in Richmond.”

Diversity Vice Chair, Crystal Suber agreed. “I had a feeling of oneness with so many people from all over the country … people of all ages and various backgrounds. We sang together, we proclaimed No equality, no peace. We were fierce and we were beautiful. One love.”

Thank you to Altria Group, Capital One, Virginia Pride and Richmond Business Alliance for their financial support which made the trip possible.

Bill Harrison

804 622 4646

Our community rises to the occasion—again

Thank you Altria Group, Capital One, VA Pride
and Richmond Business Alliance

On Sunday, June 11, two buses filled with locals will travel north to participate in the Equality March 2017 in Washington, D.C. It was a pleasure to offer the buses as a community service, with seats costing only $15.75 each and that includes breakfast!

Thank you to Altria Group for fully funding one of the buses; VA Pride for a significant donation towards the second; Capital One for providing boxed breakfasts for the travelers and the Richmond Business Alliance for supplying dinner for folks attending our Sign Making Party on June 7.

Marches have played significant roles in civil rights movements. Probably those led by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are the most significant in American history. By marching, we not only make statements, but we strengthen our community even more. We build. We unite.

And that is so much the mission of Diversity Richmond.

The climate in our nation has certainly been better for LGBT people. We have mustered the strength to successfully battle Goliath before. We will do it again.

Bill Harrison

804 622 4646

To say we have a lot going on is an understatement

Diversity Richmond has been working hard to coordinate quality events. This newsletter carries much of what we have planned for you. From two buses going to the LGBTQ 2017 March In Washington to an exciting art exhibit by nationally recognized Circe Strauss, to Drag Bingo (we’re giving away $2,700 in cash prizes) to our Open Heart Open Mic nights, our planners have thought only of how we can best serve our community … building a stronger and more inclusive Richmond every day.

Building community, that’s what we strive to do. Our best results will come about with lots of people on board as volunteers and funders. Our board of directors recently held a day-long retreat to hear what you had to say when we asked what you liked about us and what we can do better. The retreat was the beginning of an on-going process of self-examination and improvement.

Will you join us in turning suggestions and hopes into realities? We have a place for everyone at our table. Let us hear from you.

Bill Harrison

804 622 4646

Diversity Richmond addresses Chesterfield Police community meeting

For several years now, Diversity Richmond has been a leader in building bridges with the LGBT community and local law enforcement. Because of that, Diversity was invited to address the recent Chesterfield County Police Community breakfast. The event is held quarterly and includes a diverse collection of community leaders. Representatives from Muslim, African American, Hispanic, Asian organizations, along with elected leaders, communities of faith, the Attorney General's office and mental health nonprofits are among those who attend.

Bill Harrison presented the good work, mission and accomplishments of Diversity Richmond and addressed that while much progress has been made in building solid relationships with law enforcement, more work needs to be done. The Chesterfield Department was one of the first to appoint a liaison, Corporal D. Elliott Anderson, who has been a tremendous asset in connecting our communities. Corporal Anderson shared with the audience how rewarding the work had been.

We now have LGBT liaisons with police departments in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and the sheriff departments of Richmond and Chesterfield. Also recently added is a liaison with Richmond City Fire and Emergency Services and an FBI representative.

This is but one example of how Diversity Richmond works to unite communities and build bridges every day. Your support makes this happen.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

Pictured: L to R: Officer O.O. Ortega (Hispanic Liaison), Bill Harrison, Lieutenant Colonel B.C. Smith, Diversity Board Member, Robyn Deane, Deputy Chief of Police, Daniel Kelly and LGBT Liaison Corporal Elliott Anderson (Not pictured is community activist Roland Winston)

Please support Diversity Richmond on "Give-Out Day"

April 20 is "Give-Out Day." The 24-hour online fundraiser is the only effort to raise money for LGBT groups on a national level. Since 2013, the project has raised over $3 million. We hope you will donate to Diversity Richmond this year.

Diversity Richmond has worked very hard over the last few years to meet the ever-changing and challenging needs of our communities. We are now in the process of developing our next five-year strategic plan and are incorporating the community's input as to the directions we need to take.

Since 1999, you have made it possible for us to put over $955,000 back into the community. You have enabled countless numbers of organizations and people to gain enormous help and support. LGBTQ youth, seniors with memory loss, people needing healthcare, individuals without homes; Diversity Richmond grabs every opportunity to help. And we do this with the knowledge that we cannot be everything to everybody. That thought process has ended many a well-meaning nonprofit. We daily refer people to other agencies for help, another service we provide -- that of being a clearinghouse.

School kids on public assistance can shop for free clothing at Diversity Thrift. Over the past few months we have donated books to schools whose libraries are lacking. (That is a very real need, believe it or not.) Hardly a night passes that our rooms are not filled to capacity with folks using them for free. Our warehouse offers free storage to 11 local nonprofits, saving them they can now invest in the community.

We will keep you posted as to "Give-Out Day." Like us on facebook and keep up with the activities at your community center.

We need your help.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

Looking ahead and charting our course

Please let us hear from you!

The last few years have been an exciting time for Diversity Richmond. We rebranded and married our new name. We gave our building a fresh, new look and renovated some of the interior.

We also worked hard to raise the community's awareness of our presence. The figures say that we are accomplishing the outreach. The number of people using our building increases constantly. It is exciting to see so many new faces, people who have never been here before. We are growing at a rapid pace.

The world is also rapidly changing and Diversity Richmond must constantly pay attention to the new expectations and needs of the community.

We are in the beginning stages in the development of our five-year strategic plan and we want ... we need your input. What do you like about your community center? How could we do a better job? What can we do that we are not doing?

Please email your thoughts. This is a confidential way of relaying your opinions. The email goes directly to Dr. Yetty Shobo, the consultant who is guiding us through the process. No names will be shared with the input.

Thank you for your continued support.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

"You've got a lot going on at Diversity"

We hear that comment lots. And it's true. Most every night your community center building is packed with folks who are working on a better self and an improved community. Play rehearsals, committee meetings, twelve-step programs, support groups and art gallery openings. It's a happening place.

This newsletter is filled with examples of how we are making a difference. If you are looking for ways to connect with others, want to work for social justice, or give back a few hours a month as a volunteer, you need look no further. Let us hear from you.

We are working diligently every day to become a more inclusive hub of activity and inclusion. Please join us.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

Diversity Richmond launches campaign,"Let's Get Rolling"

Long range strategic planning depends on community feedback

In an effort to gain community input as it begins the process of mapping out a five-year strategic plan, Diversity Richmond is launching, "Let's Get Rolling."

"Our last plan was completed a while back and we accomplished much," stated board chair, Art Toth. "Now we need to look at where we go from here and community participation is critical."

Diversity leadership wants to know what people like about the organization, its programs, the thrift store, event hall, communications, staff, board and outreach. Also, how can Diversity do a better job? What is lacking? What would you like to see from your community center that is not there? What do you want Diversity to maintain?

Communicating thoughts is easy. People can email, with the messages going directly to Dr. Yetty Shobo, who has been contracted by Diversity Richmond to coordinate the planning process.

Comments can also be mailed to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, Richmond, 23220. To keep correspondence confidential, please note on the envelope "Let's Get Rolling."

"A nonprofit can never rest on its laurels," said Toth. "The community continues to change, as does its challenges. And because of that, expectations of the community can also change. We must stay in touch with our public to ensure that we are placing our focus where it needs to be."

Questions about the campaign can be directed to or by calling 804-622-4646.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director