Our beautiful new mural

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The Iridian Gallery recently debuted a new mural by ally and friend of the gallery Nico Cathcart. Our Sherwood entrance at Diversity has always been our most nondescript and when it came time to commission signage for the gallery and offices, we jumped on the opportunity to expand the project into a beautiful work of art welcoming visitors to our space.
Created in collaboration with Bron Hansboro, of Brookland Park Flowers, the floral arrangement rendered on our wall pulls colors from the Pride flag and evokes the beauty and vibrancy of our community. Bron was commissioned using the first funds from our Diversity Celebrates Grant, dedicated to supporting queer creatives of color in Richmond.
We hope you will visit the mural and our gallery in person soon or catch a glimpse when driving through the city on I-95.

Drag BINGO! returns March 9th



Spread the word and grab your dabber! Drag BINGO! returns Thursday, March 9th in our Event Hall, 1407 Sherwood Ave, RVA 23220. $20 admission gets you 9 games with $50 jackpots plus a $500 jackpot! Hosted by Grace Wetpants! Fun drag performances by Venetian, Milka Magnesia, and Tiffany Hunter-Monique! This is a non-smoking, all-ages, way fun event. Doors open at 6PM. Proceeds benefit the programs of Diversity Richmond.

Diversity Richmond is hiring a Program Manager

DR ID black mobile

Diversity Richmond
Program Manager (Full-Time)
Salary Range: $45,000 to $50,000

Diversity Richmond is seeking a full-time Program Manager to be responsible for developing
programs to support the organization’s mission and strategic direction of supporting the
LGBTQ+ community. This position will be responsible for creating and managing long-term
goals, developing budgets, and stewarding operating plans for programs. In addition, this
position will be responsible for writing program funding proposals.

The position requires at least five years of previous experience working in social and human
services field, with specific experience in program development including creation,
implementation, and evaluation as well as one to three years of budget management
experience. The qualified incumbent must work well independently as well as a part of a team
environment and have a demonstrated ability to communicate verbally and in writing to
internal and external stakeholders. The incumbent must also have the ability to manage and
resolve conflict and make program decisions as necessary. A Bachelor’s degree in social work or
related human services field is preferred or commensurate experience of at least 10 years of
experience working in the human services field.

Interested candidates should email their resume to

Diversity Richmond is an equal opportunity employer.

Diversity Richmond is hiring an Administrative Coordinator

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Diversity Richmond
Administrative Coordinator (Part-time)
Starting Hourly Rate: $21.00/hr

Diversity Richmond is seeking a part-time Administrative Coordinator to provide administrative
assistance to our various program initiatives. This position will be responsible for managing our
volunteer program, assisting with managing Diversity Richmond’s emergency financial
assistance program, management of donor databases to include donor management and
communication. This position will also provide support to the management team by providing a
wide variety of administrative duties such as assisting with invoicing, payment of vendors and
budget tracking. The ideal candidate must have excellent communication skills, orally and in
writing, proficient in Excel, PowerPoint and database management as well as experience being
able to update and make changes as needed to our website. In addition, familiarity with RVA’s
LGBTQ+ community and the various partner organizations that support it is a plus.

Interested candidates should email their resume to

Diversity Richmond is an equal opportunity employer.


Calhoun Community Center receives large donation

calhoun amazon 1b
Diversity Richmond closed out 2022 by distributing the remainder of more than $140,000 of Amazon merchandise that was donated to us by the company last Summer to more of our community partners. Just in time for the holidays we donated gift items, electronics, home goods, kitchen gadgets and personal care items valued at more than $50,000 to The Calhoun Community Center to help families living in Gilpin Court. This is in addition to the more than $70,000 in merchandise we donated to CARITAS and PATCH RVA in November.   
In the last two years, thanks to our ongoing partnership with Amazon, we have been able to donate nearly $250,000 worth of new and like-new merchandise to support community partners serving people in need in and around Richmond.
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Iridian Gallery opening January 13th

Spectrum 800


The Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond is pleased to announce the opening of SPECTRUM, a new exhibit from artist Dakota Summer Becker and What If, a new exhibit and retrospective from textile artist Robin Ryder on January 13 with a reception from 7-9pm. Light refreshments will be served with a cash bar.

We begin our 2023 calendar of programming with the colorful works of VCU Painting alum Becker, who is also a former gallery committee volunteer. 

Dakota Summer Becker (they/them) is a trans non-binary and autistic Richmond-based artist who specializes in creating hard-edge geometric color-fields with acrylic paint. Their work is an attempt to process their everyday lived experience. Dakota begins paintings as an act of self-regulation when they are feeling overwhelmed. By design, this approach lends itself to a process-oriented painting practice, in which they maintain a holistic mindset while also giving focus and care to individual parts. Small decisions accumulate on the visual surface, shaping the life and character of each painting. Ultimately, Dakota’s painting practice acts as an extension of their inner self; a customized coping tool for their neurodivergence.

Iridian Gallery Steering Committee member, Rob Ryder (he/him) is a trans artist who finds joy in the act of quiltmaking.  This is an interesting turn of events, since he actively shied away from anything that was traditionally viewed as women’s work before his transition. Like his experience of gender,  Rob’s quilts move between categories.  He sometimes makes traditional quilts, but more often his work is improvisational or experimental in both technique and materials used.  All of his quilts begin with some basic materials and the question “what if?” They finish with surface patterns that he draws using his sewing machine and thread to add another layer of expression to the quilt and act as a structural element holding the layers of the quilt together.  As layered objects created through a process of exploration and questioning, they are metaphors for his lived experience.

Ryder is a dedicated Iridian Gallery Steering Committee member whose volunteer work has been critical to our success in recent years. This show will run concurrently with SPECTRUM, a show by painter Dakota Summer Becker. Join us for this event to meet the artist and our gallery team. 

A conversation on LGBTQ senior living options

Dreaming Home flyer update

Dreaming Home, A Conversation for LGBTQ+ Elders will be held on Thursday, January 19th from 6pm to 8pm in the Diversity Richmond Event Hall, 1407 Sherwood Ave RVA 23220. Register by January 13th by calling 804.925.2660. Email .

Senior living options and your input on what you want for your own elder home will be discussed. What do elders value most when they dream of "home"?  What senior living options are there and what are some things to consider about the different options?  Which senior living options appeal to you most?  The LeadingAge Virginia Dreaming Home project shares senior living options and allows diverse elders to reflect on which options connect with their values and desires.  Elders that attended recent Dreaming Home workshops shared that they heard options that they had never heard of before!  Are you a 60+ elder and interested in learning more?  Would you like some time to reflect on what you value most about different senior living options? Register today!

Drag BINGO! returns December 8th

IMG 6275

Spread the word and grab your dabber! Drag BINGO! returns Thursday, December 8th in our Event Hall, 1407 Sherwood Ave, RVA 23220. $20 admission gets you 9 games with $50 jackpots plus a $500 jackpot! Hosted by Grace Wetpants! Fun drag performances by Tiffani Hunter Monique, Sweet Pickles, and Javon Love. This is a non-smoking, all-ages, way fun event. Doors open at 6PM. Proceeds benefit the programs of Diversity Richmond.

Queer and Trans Author Showcase

Diversity Richmond is hosting a Queer and Trans Author Showcase Saturday, December 3rd 3:00-7:00pm in our Event Hall at 1407 Sherwood Ave RVA 23220. Free refreshments, cash bar. Meet and greet authors and hear readings from their works. This event is free and open to all ages. These are just a few of our participants.
QT author 1
QT author 2
 QT author 3
 QT author 4
 QT author 5
 QT author 6
 QT publisher
 Queer trans author square ad

November 29th is Giving Tuesday

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Giving — whether that’s money, time, or donations of goods — is an opportunity to join together and change things for the better in your community.

Donate money to Diversity Richmond (no amount is too little). Donate here
Donate your time. Sign up here.
Donate goods to Diversity Thrift – Donations are accepted daily from 10am to 2pm at 1407 Sherwood Ave., Richmond, VA 23220. DiversityThrift.org
Diversity Richmond is a catalyst, a voice, a place and a resource for Richmond’s LGBTQ+ community. Your generous support will help us continue our work in 2023
Diversity Richmond has worked very hard over the last few years to meet the ever-changing and challenging needs of our communities. Here's how your monetary donation can help Diversity Richmond support the LGBTQ community:
• $10 provides three pair of shoes to someone in need
• $15 provides several toys for kids in need
• $25 provides six articles of clothing for someone in need
• $35 provides three meals to someone in need
• $50 purchases five much needed shopping baskets for Diversity Thrift
• $50 allows us to donate 13 items of clothing to a person in need
• $65 provides one night’s lodging for someone facing homelessness
• $75 covers the rental of a conference room for nonprofits to use
• $100 purchases a week’s supply of gloves and hand sanitizer for customers
• $125 funds our twice-monthly newsletters
• $200 provides a month of lawn care
• $250 sponsors two newsletters with a banner ad and two articles about your business
• $600 provides gas for the Diversity Thrift truck for one month
• $1,500 allows a nonprofit to use our event hall for free
• $9,000 pays our monthly mortgage
Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support.

The ultimate regift

amazon caritas 1 2 3 small

In August of this year, our friends at Amazon made another massive donation of merchandise to Diversity Richmond worth more than $140,000 that we are using to support community partners serving those in need in the Richmond region.

The first disbursements of the merchandise were made to PATCH Virginia and to CARITAS and included more than 250 boxes full of toys, home goods and other necessities that these organizations will use to support their clients. The estimated value of the donations so far exceeds $70,000.

Diversity Richmond is committed to working with our corporate and community partners to address unmet needs in our community. We are eternally grateful to Amazon and its employees for entrusting us with these very special gifts.

Pictured above: Caritas Furniture Bank Manager Sandy Morris and Diversity Richmond/VA Pride Program Director James Millner. Pictured below: PATCH Virginia founder Lynette DiScalio and James Millner.

amazon patchwork 1 and 2 small


To our community:

candlelight vigil

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, we find ourselves yet again confronted with another unimaginable tragedy in which five members of the LGBTQ community were murdered and dozens more were injured at the hands of a gunman.  Our hearts ache for all that knew and loved them and we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ and allied community of Colorado Springs as they mourn.   We know that members of our own community here in Richmond are hurting, angry and frightened.

We are, too.

But we cannot pretend that this act of hate and violence happened in a vacuum.  It was stoked by the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and vitriol propagated in recent years on social media, the campaign trail and in our state legislatures, our city halls and school board meetings by those who wish to relegate our community back to the fringes of society.   We cannot and will not let that happen.   They will fail.

Diversity Richmond will continue to be a safe haven for our LGBTQ community.  We will add our voice and our resources to those of our community partners to fight for a city, a region and a Commonwealth where LGBTQ people are celebrated and affirmed and in which every space is safe for us to live and thrive as our true, authentic selves.  We welcome you to join us in this fight.

For now, please know that you are loved, affirmed and celebrated for who you are.

Diversity remains committed to being a catalyst, a voice, a place and a resource for Richmond's LGBTQ community.