Our world is in good hands

I recently met with an organizer of an LGBT employee group with the Richmond office one of America's larger corporations. Quite impressive he was. Not only is he taking a lead in establishing the group, he is one of the most self-assured, confident and welcoming people I have met in a long time. I share this because he is only 24 years old! Through our emails I had assumed he was much older.

What an inspiration the younger generation is. Another good example is the Richmond Business Alliance, the local LGBT-friendly chamber of commerce. The organization was established a few years ago by twenty-something Kevin Clay to help identify local LGBT and LGBT-friendly businesses. The group continually grew, now boasts over 100 members and has its own non-profit status. Most of the leadership is far from retirement. Very far.

If it were not for our pioneers, our movement would not have reached the heights we have, but how wonderfully refreshing to watch the younger leadership and the roles they are assuming.

With that said, there is much to be done. Legal employment discrimination, "religious freedom," transgender education...more work to do, but we will succeed. We always do.