Love Rush - by Andrew Sedgwick Guth


Now through June 5th

The Iridian Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition featuring the work of Harrisburg, PA painter Andrew Sedgwick Guth. “Love Rush,” spanning all three Iridian exhibition spaces, features about 100 new works by Guth. Many were created during the last year of the pandemic, and some were intended for shows that never opened to the public. 

Guth’s mixed media artwork is influenced by our common era of social media, seeking to understand his place as a queer artist navigating a 21st century world of technological pressures (social expectations, love, body issues, sexual capital, spiritualism, family, etc.). He pulls motifs, symbols, and techniques from his cultural background (Pennsylvania German), applying the heteronormative and protestant symbolism to queer existence and relationships. He creates his own personal folklore, mixing traditional 19th century Pennsylvania embroidery techniques with his love of constellations, astrology, and Greek mythology. Guth recontextualizes images culled from digital connections and curated social media feeds, including queer men in intimate settings alongside imagery and customs which had not been constructed to include them. The intended result is work saturated in color and the empowerment of vulnerability.      

Andrew Sedgwick Guth’s work has been shown regionally and nationally continuously since 2001. His paintings and printwork have been exhibited in Philadelphia, Toronto, Pittsburgh, New York, Washington DC, Baltimore, Miami, Provincetown, and Harrisburg, PA. His painting and sculptures are included in numerous private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, and France.


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