Evolution of the Sacred Self Art Exhibit

Evolution of the Sacred Self

Evolution of the Sacred Self Art Exhibit
Now through Feb. 22

Artists Mahari Chabwera and Micah David Scott are painters, both in their 20’s, both from Virginia and raised in the South. Both self-identify somewhere within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. How do we navigate society, self, and sexuality? Is it like walking a tight rope? Or is it something else? These two painters fearlessly jump off that tightrope and free-fall into their art with Evolution of the Sacred Self.

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The Iridian Gallery

The mission of The Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond is to foster lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+ artists and their community by exhibiting their art, as well as work that relates to their experiences. The Iridian Gallery seeks to position the gallery and its exhibitions as a vital constituent of Greater Richmond’s vibrant arts culture.

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