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Mary Vivo Byrd Theatre 1941

Mary Vivo: Housculptures
On view, Sept. 13 - Nov. 2
Daily 9 - 6.

Richmond-based sculptor Mary Vivo recreates the architecture of her life in detailed miniature. Her subjects have evolved from single buildings to scenes, often connected to an important memory: her grandfather’s house; an Italian festival; an old Brooklyn landmark. Her materials mimic the original structure and landscape. Vivo says, “Creating Housculptures helps me connect with various structures and their surroundings, and to show their importance and simplicity.”

Vernon Payne Queer Mountain

Vernon Payne: Queer Mountain
On view, Sept. 13 - Nov. 2
Daily 9 - 6.

“Queer Mountain" creates an alternate experience where everyone's creativity is validated within the topic of Queer Culture. Visitors are invited to use their smart phones to view videos that explain the artwork and at the end visitors could create artwork from the inspiration generated through the experience of the "Queer Mountain" exhibition.

The Iridian Gallery

The mission of The Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond is to foster lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+ artists and their community by exhibiting their art, as well as work that relates to their experiences. The Iridian Gallery seeks to position the gallery and its exhibitions as a vital constituent of Greater Richmond’s vibrant arts culture.

The Gallery is open to the public
Tuesday – Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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