Being single on Valentine’s Day

Have you ever loathed February 14th? I have. While many look forward to celebrating the annual day for lovers, countless numbers of people hate Valentine's Day. If one is single, especially not by choice, watching others celebrate their love-lives can be painful.

I can remember as a "twenty-something" believing that if I only had a man in my life, that my existence would be just perfect. Oh, the ignorance of youth.

A healthy couple is comprised of two healthy single people. And becoming that healthy single person is not easy. It takes work, lots of self-examination and a willingness to take brutal honest looks inside. The hardest part can be making changes following that authentic examination.

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One by one…

Your support, be it financial, donating to Diversity Thrift, or through volunteer hours makes a huge difference as we address the needs of our community. Hardly a day passes that someone does not call or stop by your Community Center for help.

No better example than this morning. I had just arrived when a young man knocked on my door.

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We are all born to love

Last year ended on a very positive note with the billboard campaign bringing us national media coverage. Once again the opposition gave us a golden opportunity to educate and tell our stories. Thank you to everyone who participated.

We are beginning 2015 with much to do.

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Our Community Is An Active One

Within the last two weeks we have participated in events that mark, in many ways, our core being. The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an experience that has grown in size and in its ability to raise our conscience regarding the injustices faced by transgender people.

The World AIDS Day ceremony was also a very meaningful service that brought back strong memories for many of us and also reminded us that HIV-disease is still very present in our midst.

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While we celebrate let us remember our transgender brothers and sisters

Years ago I would look at folks such as the Quakers and think, "That really is nice of them to support us, but I wonder why they have taken our cause?" Now I know. It was not that they wanted to simply be nice, it was that they knew it was the right thing to do.

We, as the community, now have a similar challenge and responsibility.

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Marriage and children, the dream come true for many

Of the two weddings I recently attended, at the conclusion of each ceremony, the same statement was made by both couples: "Now we can adopt our child." I had been so excited about our court victories, the awareness of adoption had escaped me.

Being married, much less having children is something that many of us never thought we would live to see. For years many of us have fantasized about having a family, but for most of us, it has been merely an imaginary thought. No more. It's a new day.

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