Audre Lorde was born in 1934 in Harlem. As a child, she became immersed in poetry, at times speaking in poetry.

As a black lesbian, her poetry often expressed longing for justice in a world dominated by white, heterosexual males. In 1968, her first book, The First Cities, was published.

During a six-week writer-in-residence position at Tougaloo College, she met Frances Clayton, her longtime partner.

In 1971,  Ms. Magazine published a lesbian love poem by Audre Lorde. After two more decades of prolific writing, she was given the Walt Whitman Citation of Merit, and was appointed Poet Laureate of New York State.

She often said, "I am a black, lesbian feminist," and at other times said, "I cannot be categorized." Her life and legacy proved both statements true.

This Rainbow Minute was read by Reverend Robin Gorsline.

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