In the 1940s, a gay student named Sammy Fromm took a psychology class at UCLA, taught by Dr. Evelyn Hooker. Along the way, the two became friends. While in San Francisco over Thanksgiving, they shared a night on the town with Sammy's gay friends.

Later that night, Sammy took Evelyn aside, saying, "We have let you see us as we are, and now it is your scientific duty to make a study of people like us. We're homosexuals, but we don't need psychiatrists. We're not insane. We're not any of those things they say we are."

Also encouraged by her colleagues, Evelyn began her landmark study. She turned the scientific community on its head, finding that gay men are psychologically indistinguishable from straight men.

Through his good friend Evelyn, Sammy Fromm had at last revealed the truth to the whole world.

This Rainbow Minute was read by Dustin Richardson.

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