Dreaming Home flyer update

Dreaming Home, A Conversation for LGBTQ+ Elders will be held on Thursday, January 19th from 6pm to 8pm in the Diversity Richmond Event Hall, 1407 Sherwood Ave RVA 23220. Register by January 13th by calling 804.925.2660. Email .

Senior living options and your input on what you want for your own elder home will be discussed. What do elders value most when they dream of "home"?  What senior living options are there and what are some things to consider about the different options?  Which senior living options appeal to you most?  The LeadingAge Virginia Dreaming Home project shares senior living options and allows diverse elders to reflect on which options connect with their values and desires.  Elders that attended recent Dreaming Home workshops shared that they heard options that they had never heard of before!  Are you a 60+ elder and interested in learning more?  Would you like some time to reflect on what you value most about different senior living options? Register today!