candlelight vigil

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, we find ourselves yet again confronted with another unimaginable tragedy in which five members of the LGBTQ community were murdered and dozens more were injured at the hands of a gunman.  Our hearts ache for all that knew and loved them and we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ and allied community of Colorado Springs as they mourn.   We know that members of our own community here in Richmond are hurting, angry and frightened.

We are, too.

But we cannot pretend that this act of hate and violence happened in a vacuum.  It was stoked by the anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and vitriol propagated in recent years on social media, the campaign trail and in our state legislatures, our city halls and school board meetings by those who wish to relegate our community back to the fringes of society.   We cannot and will not let that happen.   They will fail.

Diversity Richmond will continue to be a safe haven for our LGBTQ community.  We will add our voice and our resources to those of our community partners to fight for a city, a region and a Commonwealth where LGBTQ people are celebrated and affirmed and in which every space is safe for us to live and thrive as our true, authentic selves.  We welcome you to join us in this fight.

For now, please know that you are loved, affirmed and celebrated for who you are.

Diversity remains committed to being a catalyst, a voice, a place and a resource for Richmond's LGBTQ community.