Twelve participants have graduated from the Latino Entrepreneurship Academy, a professional development program made possible by a partnership between the city’s Offices of Immigrant and Refugee Engagement (OIRE) and Minority Business Development (OMBD) and Diversity Richmond’s Viva RVA! Program.
Participants attended 15 weekly sessions, learning about business and entrepreneurship from a diverse group of established local business owners. Session topics ranged from “Planning for a Health Business,” to “Managing Cash Flow,” to “Marketing 101.”
The academy was in-person at Diversity Richmond and held entirely in Spanish.
“The Richmond community is full of hardworking, creative individuals who speak Spanish as their preferred language,” said Karla Almendarez-Ramos, the manager of OIRE. "Programs like this emphasize that the city not only values Latino entrepreneurs, but also firmly believes they are vital to our city’s vibrant, diverse marketplace of ideas and innovation.”
The partnership was key in making this first of its kind program possible. Viva RVA! funded the project in addition to providing development and implementation support. OIRE and OMBD lent expertise in Spanish-language instruction and outreach and business development, respectively. More photos in our Media Gallery