vacinnation KH

For several months, Diversity Richmond has partnered with the Virginia Department of Health in conducting numerous COVID testing clinics, with hundreds of people being tested. This week we held our first vaccination clinic, enabling participants to protect themselves against infection.

“We are grateful to Diversity Richmond for their longstanding partnership,” shared Amy Popvich, Nurse Manager at Richmond Henrico Health District. “They have been welcoming to us and the community, offering their support since the beginning of the pandemic.”

While the vaccines are available to everyone, offering the shots in a LGBTQ friendly space has potential to reduce barriers. The LGBTQ community faces health disparities and are statistically less likely to have insurance and many have reported discrimination in healthcare settings.

Participants will return to Diversity for their second shots in a few weeks.

Pictured above is Keith Hurt, R.N. awaiting his first patient.