Queer Intersections Evan Keith

Quan McLaurin resigned from his position as the Director of Diversity Retention at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. In his public resignation letter he shared: "It is morally unconscionable for me, as Director of Diversity Retention, to ask students of color to stay at a university and within a space that not only does not value their well-being and lives, but actually perpetuates very real and damaging racial trauma against trauma, and then 'gaslights' and silences them by grossly appropriating scripture."

This episode focuses on Quan's experiences as a student and staff member at Liberty, his work to create affirming spaces for Black and LGBTQ+ students, and the LU Underground Railroad which raises money for employees of color who want to leave but can't afford to.
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Queer Intersections (formerly Front Porch) is a Diversity Richmond podcast focusing on the perspectives and experiences of LGBTQ+ people of color around throughout Virginia. The show is hosted by VCU School of Social Work Ph.D. candidate Keith Watts and Diversity Richmond Program Coordinator Evan Smith. The show aims to give a platform to individuals whose identities and voices are often erased.

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