Boomer Robyn

BOOMER reached out to recognized and beloved media personalities from around Richmond - TV, radio and print, contemporary and fondly remembered - and asked about their favorite places to make memories, in Richmond and nearby. Here's what Diversity Richmond board member and vice chair Robyn Bentley had to say.


My favorite Richmond place to make memories is Diversity Richmond. I have been a volunteer here since 2014 and currently serve as vice chair of the board of directors. This is Richmond's hub for diversity, for all folks to gather to celebrate and socialize,have community conversations on important issues, attend lectures and classes, play Drag Bingo, create art, to mourn a loss together, or simply to shop for bargains at Diversity Thrift. This one building is responsible for so many positive experiences and is where I have made friends among those who are passionate about issues, art and community. There is no doubt I will continue to make even more memories as well as friends here at Diversity Richmond.

Robyn Bentley was a teenage DJ and one of the first women on the radio in Virginia, during her senior year of high school, 1979. She worked in radio for 20 years before taking a 19-year hiatus to run her Feng Shui Diva consultancy. Bentley returned to the airwaves in 2018 on Boomtown Richmond, where she's program director and afternoon host.