LeVar Carter“Just two weeks into the job here at Diversity Richmond, it is amazing to discover the greater sense of community and belonging I have already found working with everyone. Having grown up in the area as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have attended several events here in the past and shopped in the thrift store over the years, but it is exciting to actually join the team.”

“I bring a unique set of life experiences with me having managed hostels, kitchens, events, retreats, art exhibitions, workshops, and classes all over the country and beyond in my years of travel. My top three might be dogsledding in Sweden under the norther lights, yoga teacher training in the rainforest of Costa Rica, and road tripping across the USA including Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.

These experiences, and the lessons learned through them, give me a sense of creative compassion in my work. This allows me to foster connections with almost anyone, and to learn, grow, and lead in the various roles I take on here at Diversity Richmond.”

“In short order, my time here at Diversity Richmond has shown me the power of cooperation. Like a superhero team, everyone brings different strengths and challenges to the table, but when we work together, combining the efforts of staff, volunteers, members, and community partners, we can accomplish truly amazing feats. I hope everyone who walks through our doors and enjoys themselves at our events, can experience a sense of belonging and community, and be inspired to become a hero in their own sense. This is how we build a better world together.”