AARP of VirginiaSeveral years ago when Diversity board member, Robyn Bentley was coordinating our SAGE program and reaching out to seniors, she forged a relationship with AARP. That friendship has continually grown and has benefited everyone. For the second year, AARP sponsored the huge tent that Diversity Thrift used at the recent pride festival on Brown’s Island. That $1,000 donation enabled us to have a much larger space and sell a record number of items.

AARP has also supported several special events and fundraisers. Actually, the organization is a sponsor of this year’s Scarey-Okey.

According to the AARP’s Genea Luck, the partnership has also benefited AARP by reaching a large number of people that may have otherwise never have become connected with her organization. “We love working with Diversity and look forward to future events. It is a great means to ensure that everyone knows that AARP has benefits for everyone, that we are an inclusive organization.”

AARP is a great example of responsible corporate leadership and a wonderful example of what’s good about America.