Congratulations to all of our Scary-oke prize winners,
and thank you to our judges, who had a difficult job with so much
creativity and talent to choose from!

Scary oke winners

Left to right, "Paul Bunyon," "Dr. Frank N. Furter," "Chrome Witch," and "Babe the Blue Ox."

$500 Grand Prize, Costume & Karaoke
Emmett Early, dressed as Dr. Frank N. Furter
singing "Sweet Transvestite" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

$250 First Place Costume
Sir Amp as Chrome Witch

$100 Second Place Costume
S. Hamilton, dressed as Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyon

$250 First Place Karaoke
Emmett, singing "Sweet Transvestite" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

$100 Second Place Karaoke
Justice, singing "You Ought to Know" by Alanis Morissette

Scaryoke goblins

Ever had a party and wondered if anyone was coming? We have. After months of planning, the night finally arrived. "Scary-oke" was ready to roll.

The event hall looked great. Witches were flying in the air and the heads of ghouls rested in flower pots -- Thank you Ben Dial and Drew Myers for the amazing decor! A ton of karaoke and sound equipment was ready to blast.

Volunteers from Richmond Lesbian Feminists, RVABears, and Prime Timers filled tables with baked sweets, and RLF had it staffed. Local realtor Wanda Fears brought a big crew for the "Fears Bar." The Bears stood ready to pour libations at the "Bear Bar," and lots of women lined up to staff the "Les Bar." We didn't want anyone to have to wait for a beverage!

Our karaoke judges, Keri Abrams, Lacette Cross, Justice Dwight and Ted Lewis were ready with scorecards. Emcees Zakia Jemaceye and Aaliyah Michaels Ova had microphones in hand.

Andrea Maradiaga had her Richmond Photobooth decked out with bats and props. Volunteers were ready to welcome ghosts and goblins, provide drink tickets, food and a good time. All we needed was people.

Then it happened. The spaceships landed in the parking lot and let everyone out. Then they came in.

What an evening! Lots of gaiety and ruckus. Lots of fun, music, laughing, and really LOADS of talent. The karaoke performers outdid themselves. No one envied the judges. And it was not long before the singing brought folks to their feet and the dancing began. It was a party, Toots.

Following karaoke we had the costume parade, where the scary, zany, funny, and clever lined up for the competition. Thanks to costume judges Justice Dwight, Wanda Fears, Monica Duvall Ferrah, and Brad Kutner, a winning entry was finally tallied.

So if you missed the best Halloween party in town, don't fret. We'll be back next year by popular demand, with one difference. We won't worry about people coming. We know they will.

Scary-oke sponsors deserve our gratitude and support. Thank you to:

Major sponsor,
Lewis Insurance

Grand prize, photobooth and bar sponsor,
Wanda Fears, Treehouse Realty VA

Prize sponsor,
Lafayette * Ayers * Whitlock
Glenn E. Ayers Attorney At Law

Prize sponsor,
Diversity Richmond
Board of Directors

A special THANK YOU from the Special Events and Fundraising Committee to ALL of the volunteers who helped out with this event. If you'd like to help with events like this, please give us a shout.