InLight RichmondThe Iridian Gallery is proud to be represented for InLight Richmond by artist Circe Strauss. Her latest work, Swarm, will be positioned high above an intersection in the Scott's Addition neighborhood, and is a metaphor for the journey so many in the LGBTQ community experience. The surreal scene of a swarm of birds flying in every direction at once use red and green high-intensity LED strobes that create incredible illusions of lit objects and colored trails.

Strauss worked as a special effects technician for the LA movie industry, and her resume includes 14 feature films such as Sid and Nancy, Pet Cemetery II, Forever Young, and Honey I Blew Up the Kid. Since moving to Charlottesville in the mid-90s, she has focused on combining special mechanical special effects and computer programming to create her light installations.

Circe Strauss's work will be featured in a solo exhibit in The Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond in 2017.

Fri. Nov. 11 •  7 PM - Midnight
Scott's Addition neighborhood. For artist map, parking info and more, click here.