KAbrams"A few years ago I came out to myself and the world as a transgender female and started my transition to the woman I am today," shared Keri Abrams during a recent conversation. And "that woman" has since had a significant impact on the health of the local LGBT community. Keri is one of our most recent board additions and her voice has already made a significant difference in our work.

For several years, Keri has played a major role within the local community through her leadership with the local support group, the James River Transgender Society. She is often a speaker when LGBT organizations conduct educational programs and has befriended many women who are traveling the transition journey.

Over the past three years, Keri has been instrumental in helping our community develop stronger relationships with local law enforcement and with the appointments LGBT police liaisons. She helped plan several of the recent Transgender Day of Remembrance services and is presently helping Diversity Richmond orchestrate a job fair for the LGBT community. In 2015 she was a recipient of the prestigious OutStanding Virginian award, given annually by Equality Virginia. She also serves on the Equality Virginia Transgender Speakers Bureau and is a former ROSMY youth facilitator.

"I hope to continue and further the work that has already started to be more inclusive to my and other minority communities," she said.