Diversity Thrift truck

It may sound crazy, but we have always had a love affair with our Diversity Thrift truck. It’s a traveling billboard and for years, that rainbow colored vehicle journeyed throughout Greater Richmond, delivering treasures purchased by our customers and scooping up fantastic donations contributed by our remarkably supportive community.

The rainbow truck had to be retired about a year ago. Her days had come to an end, even with the loving care that we gave her. But don’t be too sad. She was an organ donor and many trucks on the road today are running because of our beloved and dependable truck.

So, we went to work raising funds and purchased a brand new truck last year. (The truck was paid for the day of purchase thanks to a very generous foundation that wants to remain anonymous and lots of wonderful donors from our community.)

For several months, our new truck has traveled the roads with no identification, not a name in sight ... until today! Look at our beautiful vehicle. Please note the back gate that carries the names of just a few nonprofits who we have helped with Diversity Thrift proceeds. We are so proud. We hope you are too.

We are very appreciative of our community’s support of Diversity Thrift.

Thank you.