pink blue pride framed photography collage

Summer is a time of unity and solidarity within the LGBTQ+ community. It provides opportunities to come together at Pride events, community gatherings, and supportive spaces where we can connect and uplift one another. Every opportunity we have to meet up with each other provides chances of connection that form the foundation of care our network of family, friends, colleagues and allies so deserve in this time we are living through.  

Our team at Diversity Richmond - board, staff, VA Pride planning committee - strive together to build a world where everyone feels seen, accepted, and loved.  We hope that you know that and are experiencing that as we continue the Endless Summer of Pride.  Each time we host an event or support events happening across our region we believe they all connect as expressions of universal love and acceptance.  

“YOU put the you in THANK YOU!” ~ Anonymous

As we bask or bake (depending on your preference) in the heat of summer, let's celebrate the spirit of care and connection so visibly present in our greater Richmond community.  

This is all possible because of YOU!  

Thank you for supporting us, showing up with us and continuing to be a part of us as we live out our mission to be the hub for the LGBTQ+ community of Richmond as a catalyst, a voice, a place and a resource.

I especially want to THANK every person who gave generously throughout Pride month.  As a result of your generosity we raised over $10,000 that will go to support improving our event space and providing the resources necessary to help individuals experiencing crisis.  

We remain committed to serving our community and grateful for ALL the ways YOU show your pride and belief in the work we do at Diversity Richmond.  Thank YOU!!