James and lacette pride 2023

Happy Pride y’all!!! Are you tired yet? Have you stopped waving your progress flags? Are your dancing shoes still in good condition? Do you have your $1s ready for the next drag show?  
If you’re anything like me you’re an equal mix of I hope this never stops and when can I get a break…LOL.  
Pride 2023 in the Richmond area has been one for the books! We have shown up, raised flags, illuminated buildings and brought our community together in meaningful ways!! Our Richmond city government has written a love letter to our city that is seen by literally hundreds of thousands of cars daily on 95. The billboard letter simply reads:
LGBTQ+ community,
We see you.
We celebrate you.
We champion justice together.
With Love, 
The City of Richmond
What an awesome feeling it is to have our elected officials be out and proud in solidarity with our community.  
I have to give a HUGE shout out to James Millner and the VA Pride Planning Committee for planning, coordinating and launching our Endless Summer of Pride activities.  
And while we party with a purpose, continue to raise awareness about our awesome community and tip drag queens this pride month we do so in the midst of unprecedented times where our transgender and non-binary siblings are under siege.  
Now more than ever Diversity Richmond remains committed to being the hub of the LGBTQ+ community in Central Virginia deepening our work as a catalyst, a place, a resource and a voice that supports, uplifts and advocates for LGBTQ+ people, their friends, families and allies. We have proven for the last 23 days that Pride indeed is our Power!!  
Pride is Our Power because it is the fuel to our action.
Pride is Our Power because it is the force that brings everyone together.
Pride is Our Power because it is the fire that propels us forward in solidarity.
Pride is Our Power now and will continue to be the reason we paint the town progress colors in service of and commitment to LGBTQ+ individuals, families, allies, groups, nonprofits and businesses.
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