Have you ever loathed February 14th? I have. While many look forward to celebrating the annual day for lovers, countless numbers of people hate Valentine's Day. If one is single, especially not by choice, watching others celebrate their love-lives can be painful.

I can remember as a "twenty-something" believing that if I only had a man in my life, that my existence would be just perfect. Oh, the ignorance of youth.

A healthy couple is comprised of two healthy single people. And becoming that healthy single person is not easy. It takes work, lots of self-examination and a willingness to take brutal honest looks inside. The hardest part can be making changes following that authentic examination.

Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Allowing our failures to serve purposeful lessons can be invaluable. We know that we will make mistakes in the future, but hopefully, with practice, they will not be the same ones we made before.

Being a healthy single person is something many people in relationships have never been. And oftentimes, their relationships pay a toll because of that.

So, if you are single, celebrate you. Take pride in "becoming" what many people in relationships are not. As a wise person said once... "Becoming is superior to being."

LGBT people already face more than our share of self-esteem issues. Being single should not be one of them. That's not healthy, but being content and at peace certainly is.