Womens History Month
It’s March y’all!! What I love most about this month are the Spring Equinox (aka official start to spring) and Women’s History Month. Both are times where we welcome the reflection of what has brought us together and what ways are we ready to grow. Plus we all know living in the Central Virginia region that March can hold all seasons in one week and sometimes even in one day.
Women’s History Month is a time we celebrate the amazing and impactful contributions of women to the ongoing work of making our communities and world a better place. As the first woman to lead Diversity Richmond we make history together. I am especially proud of the many women who have served on our board, been key community partners and long time donors to the work Diversity Richmond does for our community.  
We are especially grateful to the many ways women make Diversity Thrift one of the top thrift stores in the Richmond area. And when I say women, I mean ALL women - trans, cis, queens, and femmes! Our thrift store continues to be a jewel in our community for the amazing finds, our clothing voucher program and newly introduced Tuesday Happy Hour (4pm - 5pm) where all clothing is just $1.00.  
And while spring is beginning to spring we are collectively mourning the loss of our beloved friend John Jesse, known to many as Natasha Carrington. A queen who always uplifted her community, made us smile, sing, and dance and continuously found joyous ways to bring people together to make a difference. We will miss her dearly.
You are invited to attend the Celebration of Life for John Jesse being held here at Diversity Richmond on Thursday, April 13th, 7pm - 10pm. RSVP here.
Diversity is planting some seeds this spring to grow a fully redesigned website that unites all things Diversity Richmond - VA Pride, Diversity Thrift and Center. Will you help us water these seeds by participating in the survey in this newsletter? We value your feedback and want to hear your thoughts. Check it out below. 
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Quick Survey (we promise)
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