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“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” ~ Rumi

I started walking on the way as the Executive Director of Diversity Richmond on October 17th.  From that day until now, I have remained committed to working with the board, staff and community stakeholders who are dedicated to the vision and mission of this organization. I am excited to share highlights from my first 100 days in the role!  

In my first board meeting I laid out the top three goals for my first 100 days - People, Process, and Priorities


The most common advice offered to new executive leaders is to listen, and that is exactly what I did. I met with..

  • 16 board and staff
  • 5 community stakeholders 

Every conversation painted a picture of an organization beloved by board, staff and community stakeholders. I am energized by the deep commitment shared to move Diversity Richmond toward a bright future where all voices are heard and valued. 


My first 100 days afforded me plenty of opportunity to reflect and respond.  It was clear to me that…

  • there is a strong foundation to build upon 
  • there is a wellspring of ideas, excitement and support for Diversity Richmond

There is no doubt in my mind that the work started in my first 100 days will position us for an impactful future.  


I keep a (poorly drawn) graphical layout of the many parts of Diversity Richmond.  Staring at it helps me set priorities to…

  • hire and onboard new staff
  • build impactful relationships with key stakeholders

As time moves us all forward, we will mark the passing time with successes, challenges and celebrations that affirm our commitment to making Diversity Richmond the LGBTQ+ community center that centers the community through programs, resources and advocacy. 

I am particularly fortunate to lead such a dynamic, community treasure that will only continue to improve as we collectively build upon the strong foundation laid out in my first 100 days.

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