Your support, be it financial, donating to Diversity Thrift, or through volunteer hours makes a huge difference as we address the needs of our community. Hardly a day passes that someone does not call or stop by your Community Center for help.

No better example than this morning. I had just arrived when a young man knocked on my door.

I knew within seconds that something was wrong. Earlier this morning, his parents had ordered him out of the house after reading a graphic text on his phone from his boyfriend. Truly, this was not the best way for them to learn their son was gay, but removing him from the family and his home was certainly not the solution.

Thankfully an older sibling is taking him in. After a few phone calls from my office, the sister came by for her brother. It was a beautiful, yet painful reunion to watch. It was also a privilege. They left with me believing that he will be okay. The sister and her family will embrace him and love him. That's what's most important. This morning caused me to pause. It really is a privilege to be here. On behalf of all of us...staff, volunteers, board members...we say, "thank you."Thank you for making it possible for us to make a real difference. One by one, we make a difference.