Within the last two weeks we have participated in events that mark, in many ways, our core being. The Transgender Day of Remembrance is an experience that has grown in size and in its ability to raise our conscience regarding the injustices faced by transgender people.

The World AIDS Day ceremony was also a very meaningful service that brought back strong memories for many of us and also reminded us that HIV-disease is still very present in our midst.

Shared stories at both gatherings brought us closer as a community. Humanizing our issues brings about change.

This newsletter is filled with holiday celebrations being hosted by some of our wonderful LGBT organizations. Our open house on December 14th will include several local elected politicos and also the talents of Monument City Music. I hope you can join us as we celebrate a phenomenal year.

I also hope you will take the time to relax and enjoy friends and family as we rush through the season. And also take the time to reflect on what an extraordinary year it has been.