Give Out Day June 30, 2021

Within the last two weeks, we have spent over $2,000 helping six LGBTQ people facing homelessness by paying rent and also providing grocery gift certificates. The money for rent was made possible by you and the store cards were donated by Kroger.

Most every day, through Diversity Thrift, we help people who need clothing and shoes. Many are referred to us by social service mental health and recovery programs.

Over the last few months, we have provided a week’s supply of groceries to over 2,800 families.

With the pandemic ending, our building is once again in demand with play rehearsals, twelve-step programs and our transgender support groups returning.

Iridian Gallery volunteers brushed themselves off and had their first gallery opening in over a year last week. Iridian is one of the few galleries in the nation whose sole mission is to support LGBTQ artists. Diversity Richmond makes history again.

We could never do our work without your support. I hope you will donate today through the Give Out link below. When we help someone, you are helping them as well, by making the assistance possible.

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 Treehouse Realty VA

Treehouse Realty RVA Makes $1,500 Give Out Day Match

Longtime supporters Wanda Fears and Brinlin Maki of Treehouse Realty RVA are making a $1,500 matching contribution to our Give Out Day campaign. This means that they will match donations up to $1,500!

She and her team have advertised on our web site for several years and every time they sell a home due to the ad, they have been most generous to Diversity.

Wanda is now retired, but remained active by acting as a consultant. “I still work closely with the LGBTQIA+ community” she shared. “My joy has always been helping folks plan to get their homes ready for market, or helping them figure out the cost of remodeling homes they buy. I love helping people get the equity out of their home and move up in the world of real estate.”

New president of Treehouse, Brinlin Maki, assumed the position with 14 years of mortgage business experience. “We love working with the LGBTQ community and also love giving back,” she said. Diversity Richmond is but one nonprofit that she supports.

Thank you to both Wanda and Brinlin. Our community is better because of you.


Give OUT Day is the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community, raising $6+ million for 700+ LGBTQ organizations since 2013.

Here's how your monetary donation can help Diversity Richmond support the LGBTQ community:

$65 provides one night’s lodging for someone facing homelessness
$35 provides three meals
$75 covers the rental of a conference room for nonprofits to use
$1,500 allows a nonprofit to use our event hall for free
$200 provides a month of lawn care for Diversity Richmond
$50 purchases five much needed shopping baskets for Diversity Thrift
$50 allows us to donate 13 items of clothing to a person in need
$100 purchases a week’s supply of gloves and hand sanitizer for customers
$600 provides gas for the Diversity Thrift truck for one month
$60 sponsors our monthly WRIR radio segment “Diversity Richmond Speaks”
$95 funds our twice monthly newsletters
$250 sponsors two newsletters. Banner ad and two articles about your business
$8,758 pays our monthly mortgage
$5,800 pays a month of utilities
$25 provides six articles of clothing for someone in need
$10 provides two pair of shoes
$15 provides several toys for kids in need.

Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated!

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