Recently an older woman approached a Diversity Thrift manger while holding a backpack. “Can you discount this?” she asked. “I am homeless.” Wearing tattered and torn, dirty clothing with a brace on her leg, the manager replied that we would love to give her the backpack. She immediately erupted into tears. Customers were watching.

We then began discussing how else we could help. Food? Clothing? While talking, we learned that her home was a spot behind two dumpsters in an alley near VCU. That’s where she slept. That’s where she lived.

We gave her Kroger gift certificates and placed her in a local hotel for two nights. Through her tears she said she could not wait to take a shower. We are also helping her look for other resources.

This is what we do at Diversity Richmond. While others turned her away, we welcomed her in.

While the hungriest most of us have ever been is when we miss lunch, we cannot even begin to imagine circumstances such as this. It is because of community support that we help people such as our new friend who now has renewed hope.

Thank you for your on-going support.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director

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