We are proud of Diversity Richmond for the leadership role it has assumed over the last nine months. Our food drives gifted a week’s worth of groceries to over 1,000 families (we are hosting another on December 19.) Our drive-in drag shows not only provided safe, fun means of community, but also gave the opportunity to support entertainers. Our recent on-line movies (another planned for December 17) promoted local talent and also a free means of safe theatre.

In partnering with Black Pride RVA, we helped share Thanksgiving meals with our community, shut-ins and the homeless. Several times our event hall has been donated to local health departments and governments to provide free COVID-19 testing and public-school updates.

The numbers of Diversity Thrift clothing vouchers are reaching an all-time high. Word has traveled that we help those in need and our partnerships with social services agencies is continually growing.

And then there is you … our wonderful family of supporters. While the year has been challenging, through your support, we have successfully met obstacles and found new ways to help.

It is only through community support that we can do what we do. Thank you for continuing to make good things happen. With you, we look forward to continuing our work in 2021.

Bill Harrison

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