12 Days of Giving

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The four-year-old jumped up and down. “Cookies, cookies!” he cried joyfully. He tugged his sister’s shirt. “Look, cookies!” His parents smiled and said, “Gracias. Thank you very much.” Then they drove away, making room for the next car, the next family, one of 500 for whom Diversity Richmond’s Hispanic Food Drive was able to supply a week’s worth of food.

What does a Hispanic Food Drive have to do with Diversity Richmond’s mission? Nothing and everything. Because while Diversity Richmond’s mission is to serve the LGBTQ+ community, that mission is more deeply rooted in a love for all communities.

And so, when COVID devastated the hospitality industry, many Hispanic families were now without income. Diversity Richmond’s deeper sense of mission compelled us to respond.

The resulting food drive was so successful that we did another several weeks later, helping another 500 families. And another is planned for late December--this time open to everyone.

All this while continuing our service to the LGBTQ+ community. To highlight just a few ways:

  • Diversity Thrift shares clothing vouchers with people needing shirts, pants and shoes
  • We help LGBTQ+ people avoid homelessness by assisting with rent and utility bills
  • We provide meeting space for twelve-step programs and transgender support groups
  • We loaned our event hall to the Henrico-Richmond Health Districts and the City of Richmond for Covid19 news conferences, and free Covid19 testing
  • We helped host a Black Lives Matter march with over 1,000 people safely participating
  • Continued the south’s only art gallery whose sole mission is to support LGBTQ artists.

We are also pleased to continue our grants program this year, offering up to $25,000 to deserving nonprofits. This is a risky decision in light of our own funding uncertainties, but risk we are willing to take when such worthy organizations have critical funding needs now.

May your holiday season and 2021 be safe and healthy, and may your days be filled with the joy of sugar cookies.

Bill Harrison

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