A board member shared with me that when he asked an organization about doing a fundraiser for Diversity Richmond, the response was, “Diversity Thrift supports the organization. They don’t need our help.”

Raising the community’s awareness of what we do has always been an ongoing challenge. Many nonprofits serve a much more narrow population than we do…the elderly, the homeless, the blind, and the homebound. Our services encompass lots of different kinds of people.

We provide free clothing to school kids on public assistance. We host organizations such as Richmond Triangle Players for rehearsals; Side-By-Side, PFLG and Virginia Pride meetings; several twelve-step programs and countless other groups whose missions we endorse. Seldom is this building not filled to capacity after the thrift store closes.

We house the only art gallery in the south whose sole mission is to support LGBTQ art and artists. We donate household goods that are not sold in the store to CARITAS, helping people get back on their feet. Last year we invested $5,000 in helping LGBT people fight homelessness, paying rent, car or utility bills.

Since 1999 we have invested almost $1Million back into the community, helping other nonprofits do their good work. Organizations such as Side By Side, Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, the Peace Education Center, Health Brigade, Planned Parenthood, Jewish Family Services and the Alzheimer’s Association, to name a few.

So the answer to the question, “Does Diversity Richmond need money?” is yes. Maintaining an aging building is costly. We have big expenses in providing the water, heat and air conditioning that groups use for free. Insurance coverage on the building is increasing every year.

Like any nonprofit worth its salt, much of what we gain, we give away, but we need your support in doing that. If you can make a donation to our causes, that will be much appreciated.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director


or mail a check to 1407 Sherwood Avenue, 23220