I have shared before that Diversity Richmond can be one hectic, chaotic, stressful, wonderful place. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and feel “we can’t keep up!” Then something happens to put everything in its proper perspective and reminds us why we are here.

A note along with a cash donation recently came in the mail from someone who shared, “Sorry, but can’t reveal a return address because sadly I must remain in the closet. Wish I could be active in Diversity Richmond. Seems like an outstanding organization.”

While we celebrate marriage equality, election victories and other progress, we must remember that many of our brothers and sisters still remain closeted. The reasons vary. It may be that they are in “heterosexual” marriages, possibly face family rejection or being fired from their jobs. Whatever the reason, we must continue our fight for acceptance for all our community.

Our “sender” shared that they do receive our newsletter. To them and all folks who are struggling with acceptance, please know you are far from forgotten. Thank you for reaching out. You have reminded us that you are there. And please remember we are here with open arms if there is any way we can help bring down those walls.

May we all pledge that this year we will speak louder than ever before.

Bill Harrison