Diversity Richmond Celebrates 2017

As we close 2017, we look back with pride and gratitude.

We brought the community several outstanding exhibits through Iridian Gallery, the only gallery in the south dedicated to the work of LGBT artists. We now host three LGBT twelve-step programs; a women’s coming out group, three transgender support groups, a gay men’s support group and the only bisexual support group in the area.

We donated thousands of dollars in meeting and storage space to countless LGBT organizations as well as free rooms for fundraisers. We spent over $5,000 helping homeless and near-homeless people in our community. We awarded $15,000 to ten LGBT nonprofits in support of their work.

Diversity Richmond coordinated two buses that traveled to Washington for the LGBTQ March, allowing folks to participate in a history-making event that created lifelong memories. In February we celebrated Black LGBTQ History Month, partnering with the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia. We supported the annual Pride Festival, held several special events including “All Americans,” in collaboration with the popular Fourth Fridays crowd. We celebrated “Scary-okey” bringing community together as we did with two editions of Drag Bingo.

A few weeks ago we recognized several history makers and awarded our annual grants. The Governor, the Mayor, the VCU President and many of you were there that night. It was a night to be proud.

If you like what we do, please help us continue the good work. We will make a few big announcements in early 2018 and as our workload grows, so does the need for your support. If you can help, please use this link to make a donation.

We wish you a great holiday and a very successful and happy 2018.

Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director