Richmonders traveled to D.C. Equality March

On Sunday, June 11, two buses filled with locals traveled to Washington, D.C. to send messages of unity, build community and demand equal justice for LGBTQ Americans.
“It was very exciting,” shared Diversity Board Chair, Art Toth. “It was empowering. You know you are not alone when you see so many of your brothers and sisters rally together. There were many young people there, which gives us all so much hope. We have lots to celebrate and as we know, there is still much to be done. I hope the energy we felt in D.C. will continue here in Richmond.”

Diversity Vice Chair, Crystal Suber agreed. “I had a feeling of oneness with so many people from all over the country … people of all ages and various backgrounds. We sang together, we proclaimed No equality, no peace. We were fierce and we were beautiful. One love.”

Thank you to Altria Group, Capital One, Virginia Pride and Richmond Business Alliance for their financial support which made the trip possible.

Bill Harrison

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