There is much going on at your community center. For example, a few months ago we organized a committee to guide us in marketing our underutilized art gallery. Led by local artist, Michael Pierce, the committee now includes several well-respected artists and art patrons who have laid the groundwork for a number of phenomenal shows. Stay tuned.

Our building study is underway with Mark Burkett as volunteer project manager. We are researching everything from exterior and interior painting to asbestos removal, new flooring and better lighting. We are creating a facility in which our community can be proud. Check out the rendering below of our building by Lisa Cumbey to get an idea of the direction we are headed.

Our kitchen, located in the meeting hall, is also getting a make-over so we can better market the space for special events. We already have numerous events scheduled in the hall and the addition of a working kitchen will greatly increase the marketability of the space.

SAGE is partnering with Senior Connections to soon begin a weekly lunch for seniors. Remaining active is critical for mental and physical well-being and we are very proud of this partnership. SAGE, under the leadership of Robyn Bentley, is also working with local retirement and assisted living facilities in facilitating cultural competency classes. Service providers need to be aware and sensitive to the issues of LGBT seniors, making residents feel safe and welcomed.

This is but a sample of what is going on. We need you to help us transform dreams into realities. If you would like to help, please contact me.


Bill Harrison
President and Executive Director