Diversity Richmond family members with the Governor (left to right) Crystal Suber, Art Toth, John Fechino, Bill Harrison, Ayana Obika-Clayborne, and Robyn Deane. (Not pictured Beth Marschak).

We have seen lots of history made the last few years and recently another chapter was written when Governor and Mrs. McAuliffe hosted their second annual event recognizing LGBT Pride Month. The executive mansion was filled with LGBT people and our allies in celebration of our accomplishments and victories.

But, we are ever-mindful that there is still much work to do. It is still legal in Virginia to deny employment based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Our children are bullied and sometimes physically harmed. Transgender discrimination is a daily occurrence, making life sometimes almost unbearable for many of our brothers and sisters.

So for the many elected officials, such as Governor McAuliffe, need to hear from us. They need to know that we are there for him as they for us. Send him an email through www.Virginia.gov or leave him a voice mail at 804-786-2211.

More work to do, but we will do it. We always do.

Bill Harrison