Diversity Richmond

Provides LGBT resource referral and LGBT programs, such as Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Elders (SAGE) Central Virginia.

Address: 1407 Sherwood Ave • Richmond, VA 23220
Telephone: 804-622-4646

Fan Free Clinic

Fan Free Clinic provides primary medical care, hormone treatment, behavioral health, and support services for trans individuals through the Trans Health Services Program.

Address: 1010 N. Thompson Street • Richmond, VA 23230
Telephone: 804-358-6343

James River Transgender Society

JRTS is a trans feminine social support group that offers monthly meetings, mentoring, and resources. Meetings are the first Friday of every month at 7pm in the classroom at Diversity Richmond.

Address: Diversity Richmond • 1407 Sherwood Avenue • Richmond, VA 23220
Telephone: 804-404-2425

Jewish Family Services

Nonprofit organization that offers counseling, care management, elder care, and home care services.

Address: 6718 Patterson Avenue • Richmond, VA 23226
Telephone: 804-282-5644

LGBTQ Partner Abuse and Sexual Assault Helpline

A free/confidential service for LGBTQ callers looking for information or help regarding intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, and stalking.

Virginia callers: 1-866-356-6998 • Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

McGuire Veteran's LGBT support group

Telephone: 1-877-222-8387 to inquire about this group

Minority Health Consortium

Provides services to individuals at high risk for HIV infection in the Richmond and Crater Health Districts.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Address: 208 East Clay Street, Suite B • Richmond, VA 23219
Telephone: 804-225-0820

Richmond Transformers

Provides peer-facilitated social support groups for anyone on the trans-masculine spectrum. This group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7-9pm at Fan Free Clinic.

Address: Fan Free Clinic • 1010 N. Thompson Street • Richmond, VA 23230
Telephone: 804-358-6343


Provides youth programming, support meetings, education, and advocacy resources. Services are available for LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 11-20. ROSMY Youth Support Line is available 24/7 to speak with a trained operator for support, information, and referrals: 888-644-4390

Address: 2311 Westwood Avenue • Richmond, VA 23230
Telephone: 804-644-4800
Facebook for LGBTQ Youth:
Facebook for LGBTQ FRIENDS of ROSMY:

Safe Harbor

Provides a 24 hour helpline, children/youth services, community education and training, counseling, emergency shelter, court advocacy, and hospital accompaniment for anyone who experiences domestic or sexual violence.

Address: 2006 Bremo Road, #201 • Richmond, VA 23226
Telephone: 804-249-9470
Helpline: 804-612-6126 • 24 hours/day

The Gray Haven Project

Offers drop-in support, case management, crisis response, and court advocacy for survivors of human trafficking (male, female, adult, minor, domestic, foreign, and transgender survivors).

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 172 • Richmond, VA 23218
Telephone: 804-365-2529

Virginia Anti-Violence Project (VAVP)

Works to address and end violence, with a specific focus on LGBTQ communities across VA. They offer state-wide support, education, and training based on organization/client needs.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7445 • Richmond, VA 23221
Telephone: 804-925-8287 or 804-441-4269

Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities

Their services work to improve academic achievement, increase workplace productivity, and enhance local trust by offering workshops, retreats, and programs with schools, businesses, and communities.

Address: 5511 Staples Mill Road, Suite 202 • Richmond, VA 23228
Telephone: 804-515-7950 • Fax: 804-515-7177

Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline

Provides live confidential chat for survivors of sexual and/or domestic violence and their friends.

Hotline: 1-800-838-8238 • 24 hours/day, 7 days a week (v/tty)
Online Chat: • Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm
Text Chat: 804-793-9999 • Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm

Virginia Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Provides resources for individuals who have experienced sexual and/or domestic violence and their friends, information on sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and a 24 hour hotline.

Address: 5008 Monument Ave, Suite A • Richmond, VA 23230
Telephone: 804-377-0335