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Fundraising and donations

Diversity Richmond would not exist without the incredible support of our LGBTQ+ community, friends, families and allies.

We raise money through key efforts such as Diversity Thrift and Diversity Bingo!, among other tactics. While we love cash donations, there aren’t many organizations that allow you to bring an old piece of furniture, clothing and knick knacks, donate them and get a tax write off, and then parlay that into the kind of community support we offer. We recently gave over $33,000 in Partners in Progress grants, for instance.

We’ve been recognized and received support from other Foundations for which we are grateful. Fundraising events, either sponsored by us or others are held periodically. Every little bit helps, both us and the community.

We are revamping our Membership Program, and hope to get lots of community participation from that effort in the coming weeks. So go clean out a closet, make a drop off at Diversity Thrift, and shop around while you’re there. We try to make it easy for everyone to help.

If you like the work we’re doing for our community, support it!


Latest News

  • Dr. Yetty Shobo to lead Diversity Richmond long range planning

    Local consultant Dr. Yetty Shobo has been hired by Diversity Richmond to lead the organization as it maps out a five-year strategic plan. The vote by the organization's board was unanimous after Read More
  • Three more weeks: HINTERLAND Photography by Paige Critcher

    Paige Critcher's photographic, four-year labor of love explores the idea of boundaries within a visual and psychological approach to landscape. Now through Feb. 24at the Iridian Gallery at Diversity Richmond1407 Sherwood Ave., Read More
  • Community Champion: Zakia McKensey

    Zakia McKensey, a native of Richmond, VA has worked tirelessly to advocate for the transgender community and those affected or effected by HIV/AIDS. Zakia started her career in HIV prevention in 2001 Read More
  • Sammy Fromm, Infamous Psychology Student

    In the 1940s, a gay student named Sammy Fromm took a psychology class at UCLA, taught by Dr. Evelyn Hooker. Along the way, the two became friends. While in San Francisco over Read More
  • Heritage Hosts Five-Course Dinner Fundraiser for Diversity Richmond

    Popular Fan Restaurant Presenting Four Top Chefs for Concerting Palates Supporting community causes is nothing new for Heritage owners, Emilia and Joe Sparatta. For example, over the last few years, they have Read More
  • Diversity Richmond Proud Financial Supporter of "One Love LGBT Families"

    The opening of "One Love LGBT Families" at the Valentine on January 11 was a true moment in history for our community and our city. Through a collaborative effort of the Valentine, Read More
  • Larry Kramer, Pioneer AIDS Activist

    Larry Kramer was born in Connecticut in 1935. He earned his degree from Yale, and became a writer in the entertainment industry. Through his later writings, he sounded the alarm about the Read More
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  • Is It More Than Stress?

    By Mark Loewen Sign #1: Not Getting Enough Sleep Everyone experiences stress. And stress by itself is not purely negative. In fact, positive experiences such as traveling, getting a promotion, or starting Read More
  • Voter ID requirements

    By Kate Fletcher A critical date is just around the corner - November 8 - the day to exercise your right to vote. Regardless of who you vote for, voting is not just a Read More
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Reducing barriers to serving transgender clients experiencing homelessness


    Photography by Paige Critcher

    Paige Critcher's photographic, four-year labor of love explores the idea of boundaries within a visual and psychological approach to landscape.

    Read More
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Peak Physique Health and Wellness Program Learn More

art journaling

Art Journaling and Other Crafts Learn More

Sunday Social Hour

Sunday Social Hour for Men Learn More

  • Beth Marschak receives Schall-Townley Award

    Beth's lifetime body of work and advocacy for causes that are dear to her and benefit so many of us has garnered her many awards and recognition, including the Schall-Townley Recognition for Extraordinary Personal Action.

    Read More
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