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Fundraising and donations

Diversity Richmond would not exist without the incredible support of our LGBTQ+ community, friends, families and allies.

We raise money through key efforts such as Diversity Thrift and Diversity Bingo!, among other tactics. While we love cash donations, there aren’t many organizations that allow you to bring an old piece of furniture, clothing and knick knacks, donate them and get a tax write off, and then parlay that into the kind of community support we offer. We recently gave over $33,000 in Partners in Progress grants, for instance.

We’ve been recognized and received support from other Foundations for which we are grateful. Fundraising events, either sponsored by us or others are held periodically. Every little bit helps, both us and the community.

We are revamping our Membership Program, and hope to get lots of community participation from that effort in the coming weeks. So go clean out a closet, make a drop off at Diversity Thrift, and shop around while you’re there. We try to make it easy for everyone to help.

If you like the work we’re doing for our community, support it!

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Latest News

  • Beyond the Valley of Wigs in Space Tee Shirt

    Limited edition, soft 100% Cotton Canvas brand tee shirt with full color image of J. Alan Cumbey’s Jealous Gods #2 from the current Iridian Gallery exhibit, Beyond the Valley of Wigs in Read More
  • AARP VA support of Diversity Richmond makes much happen

    Several years ago when Diversity board member, Robyn Bentley was coordinating our SAGE program and reaching out to seniors, she forged a relationship with AARP. That friendship has continually grown and has Read More
  • Diversity Richmond announces 2017-18 Grant Request for Proposals

    It’s that time of year again when Diversity Richmond shares the goodness that our community has made possible. We have $15,000 to fund projects that support the LGBTQ community. Deadline for applications Read More
  • Black History Museum and Cultural Centermaking history on its own

    Anna Pauli Murray Now Featured at Museum By Rodney Lofton This past February, Diversity Richmond reached out to the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia to host a number of Read More
  • Rodney Lofton named Diversity Richmond Deputy Director

    “A true history maker in his own right” Little did Rodney Lofton know when he joined the Diversity Richmond Board of Directors a few years ago where that move would take him. Read More
  • Civil War Soldier, Jennie Hodgers

    Jennie Hodgers was born in Ireland in 1844 and years later came to America as a stowaway. Answering Presidents Lincoln's call for soldiers, she dressed in men's clothes and passed the cursory Read More
  • Dunham, Eliot, and the Kids

    Ethel Dunham and Martha Eliot were both born in the late 1800s and met in college. From that moment forward, their individual careers and mutual relationship were tightly entwined. After medical school Read More
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  • Opening party
    sale of outsider art
    by Virginia artist
    J. Alan Cumbey
    to benefit Iridian Gallery
    and Diversity Richmond

    Nov. 17, 2017 - Jan. 29, 2018

    Iridian Gallery

    Reception sponsored by
    Charles Williams,
    Compass Home Solutions

    Read More
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