Surgical Gowns Jeanne and Tara

During the last few weeks Diversity Richmond, through Diversity Thrift inventory, has supported numerous people who are making masks to help people protect themselves and others from contracting the Corona virus. We were also approached by two local women who are making surgical gowns as there is a national shortage of this particular protective gear.

Tara Hepler, Speech Language Pathologist and Jeanne Laign, Occupational Therapist, who both work in local rehab facilities, reached us in hopes that material was available to help address the depleting supply of personal protective equipment. They needed sleeves of particular fabric types that could be sewn onto pre-existing hospital gowns to create re-usable protective gowns for healthcare workers. Members of Hill City Church have taken on the sewing portion of the project.

The finished products will go to local skilled nursing and rehab facilities.

“As a result of your generosity, sets of reusable protective gowns will be created that will ultimately serve to protect both patients and healthcare workers from further spread of the virus,” wrote Jeanne.

While we appreciate her comments, the real work is being done by Tara and Jeanne, along with their teams at Hill City Church. Bad times can bring out the best in people. No better example.

surgical gowns

Sewing Masks

A member of Hill City Church sews gowns