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This past November Diversity Richmond celebrated our 20th anniversary by giving 50k in grants to organizations around the LGBTQ+ community. We did not foresee the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic back in the fall and how that could impact our partners. As such, Diversity Richmond will unrestrict funding so that partners may use funds however they see fit during this pandemic. One grant recipient, Minority Veterans of America (MVA), is answering the call during this crisis.

MVA and their executive director Lindsay Church have been working hard to pivot their services to be provided virtually. “When we started MVA in 2017, it was out of a deep desire to serve the community, in the best and hardest of times,” said Executive Director and co-founder Lindsay Church. “We will continue to check in with our members throughout this national emergency, and after, to ensure that we are responsive, adaptive, and innovative in how we deliver service to meet our community’s greatest needs.”

MVA recently launched their COVID-19 Relief Fund which will provide $30,000 of direct financial assistance to minority veterans and their families in the form of food and transportation assistance. A pool of $4,500 will be dedicated to a minimum of 45 Richmond minority veterans and their families with $1,500 of that total coming from the Diversity Richmond grant. The fund will be open for applications from members May 1 through May 8, 2020 and will reopen during the first week of every month to ensure the community’s needs are met through the duration of the crisis. Membership in the organization is free, and can be gained by visiting MinorityVets.org.

All of us at Diversity Richmond are so thankful to continue working with organizations such as Minority Veterans of America especially during a time like this. For more information about Minority Veterans of America or how to contribute, please contact Cassie Gabelt at .