Diversity Richmond

The safety and welfare of our staff, volunteers and customers is our number one priority. When the scare first began, Diversity Thrift staff was wearing gloves, keeping that six-foot distance, constantly disinfecting everything we touched. As the horrors progressed, we decided to close.

Several store employees were furloughed, meaning their jobs will be waiting for them once we reopen. They will also be compensated with their full, normal salaries through unemployment for 39 weeks. If an employee is not eligible for unemployment, we will pay them their normal salary. None of these were easy decisions.

We are a community-based humanitarian organization and our mission is alive today as much as ever. We are searching for ways that we can continue to stay connected and serve our communities. Do you have ideas as to how we can do that? If so, please email us at .

It does not matter how far-fetched the idea may seem. Please share.