“It’s always a kitchen party and everyone’s invited”

Yet another example of why Carytown is loved. Founded 22 years ago as a small shop in Lexington, Ladles and Linens is now also located in Roanoke and Richmond. If you are into kitchens and/or cooking on any level, you must visit Ladles. The staff stays ahead of cooking, baking, bar and food trends and offers such a wide array of things we love. Those impossible to find gadgets or that wonderfully unique gift will be found here, we promise.

Don’t wait for the holidays to visit and when you are there, thank them for being such responsible corporate citizens. Located at 3016 West Cary, check out their website.

Ladles and Linens staff

Store manager, Rachel, obviously loves her work at Ladles. Great customer service is the norm.

Ladle watermelons