We Go High Michelle Obama

An article in our last newsletter brought a few comments from our readers and I thank them for their thoughts. Good points were made.

One reader reminded us that Roseanne is far from the only person to recently take the low road in expressing herself. Following Ms. Barr, came, TV personality Samatha Bee who referred to the President’s daughter, using the “C” word. And of course, the President, while a candidate, was taped as he proudly discussed “grabbing” the genitals of women. There is more than enough ugliness to go around.

Our society has reached a social low point. The unacceptable has become the norm. Famed actor Robert De Niro twice shouted “F--- Trump” during the recent Tony Awards. Many agree with his dislike, but can we not follow the advice of former First Lady, Michelle Obama…”When they go low, we go high.”

LGBTQ people know all about hate speech. With those journeys hopefully we have also learned a few things. The guidance of Ms. Obama was the best teaching moment our community has heard in a long time.

While we know about hate speech, we also know the “high road.” Once again we can lead. We do it every day. ~ BH