Brian Harrison and SunTrust

By Mattie Coll

Brian Harrison has served as a Diversity board member for three years and chairs the Special Events and Fundraising Committee. The committee coordinates several events every year, helping to raise much needed funds in support of Diversity Richmond programs. His board term ends in June.

A SunTrust employee, Brian has often recruited co-workers as volunteers at Diversity Thrift and at events that have attracted hundreds of participants. Brian has also been the LGBTQ Teammate Networks Chair at SunTrust for the past three years.

Brian returned to Richmond six years ago, from Baltimore. He was a director with a similar organization in the Washington D.C. / Baltimore area, “Brother, Help Thyself” and appreciates that Diversity emphasizes fundraising and community support.

Above, Brian Harrison, left, works with SunTrust
LGBTQ Teammate Networks volunteers in Diversity Thrift.

That community support was the reason he wanted to join Diversity. “I like the philanthropy of this organization. I also like interacting with the community. Community engagement is important to me.” Being a part of Diversity has given him, “A feeling of activism and being able to support the LGBTQ community in Richmond.”

When asked if he will continue to volunteer at Diversity after his board membership ends, he laughed and said, “You couldn’t keep me away with a ten-foot pole.”

We give big thanks to Brian for his commitment to Diversity Richmond. We have benefitted from his wealth of experience and are sure he will be an important part of the Diversity team for many years to come.