Neil Thomas

By Mattie Coll

Neil Thomas has a two year anniversary as Diversity Thrift Senior Store Manager on March 1st.A United Kingdom native, Neil spent most of his life in Scotland before coming to Richmond. The father of two little ones, he has a third on the way this spring.

Neil’s typical day at Diversity begins with a “to-do list for what is going on.” He notes who is volunteering and how “we can be most productive.” His volunteers are different each day with some being folks who are fulfilling community service hours. “It depends on who is here, what are their strengths and the best way we can prepare for the work day,” he shared.

Diversity Thrift customers love the store’s fresh new look. The old carpet was replaced with polished concrete, the walls are painted and the windows are now exposed with light flooding in. Neil shared that he tried to “streamline the store so it is an easier place to work and nicer for customers, too.”

“I am always there to hear what people want to say about the store. During the day I float around and talk with people while they are shopping. I am there to help them with whatever they may need.”

The next time I am in Diversity Thrift I will say hello to Neil and I hope you will as well. He is warm and welcoming, with a charming Scottish accent and straight forward style. We offer a big congratulations to him on his March 1st anniversary.