Meet Up Funds

When Iridian Gallery volunteer Lisa Cumbey was telling Kate Magee about the gallery’s present show, “Beyond The Valley of Wigs In Space,” the idea of having the next Meet-Up event at Iridian immediately came to her mind. Kate and her spouse, Sierra Knight Magee have been coordinating the Meet-Up events since 2006. While most are socials, periodically they are fundraisers.

The holiday-themed party was a group effort. Several people including Richmond Lesbian Feminist volunteers, Iridian Gallery committee members, Diversity board member Ayana Obika and others joined forces in providing holiday treats and locating raffle prizes. Their efforts were successful with local realtor, Wanda Fears, Freckle Flower Farm, Knead Massage and Mongrel and Mean Bird donating gifts. The night included a little unexpected, but fun karaoke.

“Diversity Richmond plays such an important role in the community, to be able to support them and raise awareness is something we feel very strongly about,” shared Kate. “Plus bringing people in to see this extraordinary show was a real plus.”

Iridian volunteer Lora Beldon was most appreciative of their efforts. “The need to raise funds to support Diversity and Iridian Gallery is huge. We are the only art gallery in the south with our sole mission being to support LGBTQ artists. We are continually sharing our story to build awareness.”

To learn more about the group, which now has over 2,000 members, email Kate at