DT donation NC museum

While recently processing thrift store donations, store manager, Ava Entzinger came across a pocket-sized photograph album. Entitled “Grandma’s Favorites,” the owner’s name was inscribed along with the note,” These precious photos are my valued treasures.” The grandmother’s name, Reidsville, North Carolina address and phone number were listed in case the album was ever lost.
So we did a little research and located the address on-line. The home looks vacant, but it’s a charming two story house with lots of shrubs and trees. It was easy to picture the grandmother on the porch or working in her garden.

We contacted the Museum and Archives of Rockingham in Reidsville and they are elated to add the album to their collections.  The Museum’s Jordan Rossi wrote, “As a county museum we emphasize genealogy and frequently offer genealogy consultations. Photographs are especially meaningful to people researching their families. We are excited to add this.”

Connections like these are not unusual at Diversity Thrift, but with this particular donation, there is a happy ending as it will be safely preserved forever.