Employees at several Dominion locations are working together to start an Employee Resource Group for members of the LGBTQ community and our allies.

Management is enthusiastically behind this effort. One office out of state has the required numbers of people interested to start the ERG process. So there will be an LGBTQ ERG at Dominion soon. Now it is time for Dominion employees in Virginia to join in this effort and help form the ERG here at our corporate headquarters. The employee resource group can have many benefits, a few of which include:

* The ability to network and mentor for members of the community
* Provide a voice to management concerning LGBTQ+ issues
* A platform to demonstrate leadership abilities in a professional environment
* Provide a positive influence on the continued development of Dominion as an open and supportive company for all employees.

The ERG is open to all Dominion employees, including members of the LGBTQ community and our allies, who are such a critical support for the community. People are working to get this going. All that is needed now to make this a reality are people who would like to join and participate in this new employee resource group. We have started the list of people interested but we need more.

If you are a Dominion employee, and are LGBTQ or an ally, or if you know any Dominion employee who would be interested, email Floyd Taylor for more information.