Black LGBT award medallions

For Black LGBTQ History month, two incredibly talented women left a lasting impression on the 17 honorees for Black LGBTQ History Month with their design and metal work for a one-of-a-kind works of art celebrating this year's recipients. Virginia Commonwealth University students Christina Hairston and Angelique Scott lent their talents and the results were beautiful.

Angelique shared, "I was honored to be able to create the hand-made medals to celebrate Diversity's Black & Bold LGBTQ Honorees. I wanted to create something that was special and represents the meaningful work they do in their communities daily. It was important to me to put care and quality into each hand-made medal in the same way the honorees hold such passion and fearlessness in all that they do."

Christina added, "It was a pleasure to create the designs for the marketing materials for Diversity Richmond's Black & Bold events. I wanted the designs to be of an elegant yet powerful nature to reflect the variety of thoughtful and meaningful events planned."

Christina and Angelique are two wonderful examples of what good hands the future of our civil rights movement is in.

Pictured: Christina Hairston and Angelique Scott and the medallion Scott created